An Evening with FARIMANI at The Kitchen

Fariman @ The Kitchen

On Tuesday night The Kitchen hosted an evening with Farimani. A lively crowd filled the bleachers, and as soon as everyone was seated, the evening dissolved into a Happening-like event. Simeon of Silver Apples tweaked oscillators and electronics, while three slide projectors with attached fans flashed colorful shapes onto a screen in sync with the music. Stefan Tcherepnin joined in, as did Amir Mogharabi (Editor of Farimani). Amir and friends roamed the room toppling over piles of blank white paper, stringing pages of text onto yarn hanging from the walls, and messing with images on an overhead projector. Eventually most of the audience moved from their chairs to the floor to watch everything more closely.

During the second half of the performance, Simeon performed alone as Silver Apples. It was a fun set which included Velvet Cave and A Pox on You, and ended with the promised Mune Tune. Mune Tune had not been performed since 1969 in Central Park as a celebration of the first moon landing. At this point in the evening the floor was covered in a landscape of white paper, and audience members were picking it up, throwing it around, and making paper airplanes. For a moment everything chaotic came together: the paper airplanes, the sounds of Mune Tune , and images of the lunar landing flashing on a screen behind Silver Apples.

Please make sure to take a look at Farimani issue 1 which features articles by Ikue Mori, Fred Frith, and Olafur Eliasson among others. Issue 2 is due this spring.

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