Upcoming Events

This Saturday Jan. 31, Cabinet Magazine hosts: ‘Untitled New York: Speculations on the Expanded Field.’   The panel discussions look great and I can’t wait to see what Kenneth Goldsmith will be wearing. Lectures, panels, screenings, and a launch party for issue 32 are all forthcoming, check out their website for more information.

Next Tuesday, Feb. 3, Opium Magazine launches a series of interviews with authors and artists.  The event takes place at Happy Ending (302 Broome Street @ Forsyth) at 7pm.  Here is the info:

 “This month, Opium’s founding editor Todd Zuniga interviews The New      Yorker editor Ben Greenman (author of Correspondences and A Circle Is A Balloon and Compass Both), Anthony Tognazzini (author of I Carry a Hammer in My Pocket for Occasions Such as These), and Stephen Elliott (Happy Baby and co-founder of the newfangled TheRumpus.net)–pending an on-time flight from SF.
Plus, after the after-party, at 11 p.m. we’re throwing an after-after party at Home Sweet Home (across the street at 131 Chrystie) featuring New York Tyrant’s frontman Giancarlo DiTrapano on the turntables, followed by The Fixture in the Mixture all the way from London!”

Also save the date for Monday, Feb. 9 at The Kitchen, an evening of musical performances and readings with The Sienese Shredder.

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