NYC Zine Fest

Among the tables of typical black & white xeroxed zines, silkscreen prints, and homemade buttons, were a few gems.  Free Danger, Alex Decarli and Adrienne Garbini, and Golden Age, most impressed me.


Free Danger was selling copies of their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Zine which I purchased for a friends birthday from Desert Island Comics last winter.  The color xeroxed pages exhibit the raw and hilarious drawings of a 7 year old.  Free Danger was also selling a vinyl single collaboration they did with Valerie, as well as issue one of a magazine/cassette tape mix called Article.  I actually saw issues of Article being sold at a few tables at the Fest.


Alex Decarli and Adrienne Garbini are two recent Cooper Union grads.  They make art together and I picked up a copy of Two Things I Love, Together, an endearing zine with collages and photographs of cats and cacti. Decarli and Garbini describe Two Things I Love, Together as, “an official document to accompany a life-long obsessive affinity for the universally appealing act of combining independently enjoyed concepts to create even more pleasurable fixations. …In truth, we really are this excited about cactus and cats…”  Me too!  My love for cats and plants is just too strong for me to have resisted having this great zine.


Golden Age was a new discovery.  They traveled all the way from Chicago to set up their wares at the NYC Zine Fest.  Martine Syms, one of the owners was really friendly and she helped me pick out two cassette tapes, shown above.  I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by it’s cover or a cassette tape, but each had such excellent design that I had to just go for it.  To my great happiness I discovered the music of Terror Bird and Fortuning.  Golden Age also had a nice collection of zines, artists books, vinyl, and DVDs.  Their blog, All Culture All the Time is really great. One posting features Hanne Mugaas, my favorite blogger, with a list of her favorite websites and blogs.  I can’t wait to check out Golden Age next time I’m visiting my brother in Chicago.

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2 thoughts on “NYC Zine Fest

  1. martine syms says:

    Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m glad you liked the tapes 🙂

  2. Sarica says:

    wow that’s our tape, neat, golden age is a wonderful place to visit and purchase fancies.

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