Things to See and Things to Do!

The exhibition at X-Initiative which coincides with the publication In Numbers: Serial Publications by Artists since 1955 is definitely worth checking out!  The exhibit is curated really well, which is very hard to do when materials are meant to be touched, held, and flipped through.  Each periodical was given its own display case, and each display case contained enough issues to give you a sense of both the content and cover design.  I discovered some new periodicals like The Balloon Newspaper and Control Magazine, and also stumbled upon many favorites like the comical mail art periodical by Buster Cleveland: Art For Um, Maurizio Cattelan‘s Permanent Food, and Eleanor Antin’s 100 Boots postcard series, etc.  The exhibit also has a large timeline display painted on the wall of the gallery showing the length of each periodical’s run.  It’s interesting to see how long these periodicals were in existence, which ones overlapped, and the time periods they spanned.  I got a chance to briefly flip through the pages of In Numbers and I can’t wait to buy a copy for myself.

The Balloon Newspaper

Control Magazine

Art For Um

I also went to the Ooga Booga Reading Room at the Swiss Institute.  The room was furnished like a living room and full of wonderful books about art, artists books, and periodicals. Visitors were relaxing on the comfortable sofa, making themselves a free shot of espresso and reading.  I’ve never felt so cozy and relaxed in a gallery space.  I am hoping I get the chance to visit again and spend more time there during the day.

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