Forté Magazine at Audio Visual Arts

In the small white room that is AVA there was a lone laptop sitting on a pedestal. It was set to the Forté Magazine website so that visitors could interact with it, except there wasn’t much to interact with. Every time somebody went up to the computer and started to click on the links, the audio would restart and you would find yourself trying to listen to the first few minutes of the same things over and over again. It was pretty much impossible to hear the magazine. Jenn, who visited the gallery with me that night, commented that her experience of being in the space was like being in an airport in Europe. The woman narrating the beginning of the magazine was speaking in a monotone European accent, and over the buzz of gallery-goers I could understand what she was talking about. I didn’t think the opening was much of a success, but I think the idea of an audio magazine is extremely interesting and inventive. There have been a fair share of audio serials similar to the format of a mix tape, but I am not aware of any that mimic the format of a magazine – with contributors, contents, and articles spoken. I imagine a visit to the gallery on a quiet afternoon would be a much different experience. Otherwise, I recommend sitting in a quiet place and listening to Forte magazine on your own.

Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal at White Columns

As predicted the opening for Ecstatic Peace Poetry Journal #10 was packed.

For this reason, I didn’t get a good chance to check out the exhibit. But what I did see through the crowds looked like it was worth another visit. Thurston Moore’s collection of journals, record covers, and ephemera were sitting in vitrines and hanging on the walls. I didn’t stay long enough to see the performance by the Northampton Wools, but I did brush shoulders with David Byrne as I left the gallery – and boy is that man’s hair looking fantastically white and wild!




[Katrina Ellis and Amanda Sullivan]

*photos courtesy of Amanda Sullivan

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