Fluxus Art at MoMA

Magazines, multiples, artists books, and ephemera from the newly acquired Gilbert and Lila Silverman Fluxus collection are now on view at MoMA. Make sure to check out all of the issues of ccV Tre, the fluxus magazine edited by George Maciunas and George Brecht.

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6 thoughts on “Fluxus Art at MoMA

  1. stephen perkins says:

    Great blog! This link takes you to a recent show I curated on accordion publications. Brochure available if interested.


  2. stephen perkins says:

    Here’s the link to the accordion show!

  3. rae022 says:

    Thanks for the link Steve, it looks like a great show!

    Are you by chance a mail artist?

  4. stephen perkins says:

    ..used to be, hardly ever now. Although I am convening a panel on same at the CAA conference in Chicago next month, titled “How To Draw A Bunny: Reconsidering Mail Art.”
    One of my main areas of research has been artists’ periodicals and have been hawking around a proposal for a book on ap’s in the USA…..assorted texts by mostly people in the academy. Did a year-long dance with Princeton Architectural Press and their most recent offer would have dumbed it down too much….so looking to propose it to other publishers at the moment — any suggestions! My one big criticism of ‘in numbers’ is that the writer was unable to situate the periodicals within a larger historical context, so they just stand alone as these interesting objects, but they are so much richer than that. Nice production and having all the covers of each was nice, but fatally flawed as far as I was concerned….plus Philpott can do better than that, and editor’s intro obsessed about defining ap’s, which is ok, but should have been able to say much more than that. And where we the lesbian mags, amongst the plethora of boy stuff! Plus what was Antin doing in there?!

  5. rae022 says:

    LTTR was included in the exhibit and they are a lesbian magazine. There were more magazines published by men than by women, but I think this just reflects the art world in general, unfortunately. But there is Barbara Ess, Martha Rosler, Anna Banana,…

    Unfortunately I haven’t taken an in depth look at the book – just the exhibition which ends at X-Initative this weekend in NYC. It’s being sold for $90 right now, so I’m hoping that the price will eventually come down and then it will make it to my coffee table and I’ll give it a proper review.

    Can we consider a postcard series to be an artists periodical? Good question. Can a chair be an artists book?

    My major disappointment was the exclusion of Wet: the magazine of gourmet bathing, which in my opinion was one of the most creative, bizarre, and hilarious magazines of the 20th Century!

    But this is a great discussion and I appreciate your comments and opinions. I wish you the very best of luck finding a publisher for your book. I also wish I was going to be in Chicago. A Mail Art entry on this blog is long overdue.

  6. stephen perkins says:

    …i obviously couldnt wait till price came down…but at $90 its still an interesting buy…if for nothing else a reference book….mail art seems to continue on the web, i still like getting real things in the mail, but I play the web game every now and then, but its not the same….wet i vaguely remember, but probably not arty enough to tickled my fancy!

    Here’s a link to the artists’ periodicals in my archive….so many, so little written about the majority of them!

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