Art on Paper Folds

Back in August I posted an entry about the new small format of Art on Paper magazine. I was sad to see it had diminished to a size only a bit larger than a paperback book. But, I understood their reasoning and hoped that their decision would allow them to push through the tough times. Unfortunately, this has not been the case. On Tuesday, Shelly Bancroft and Peter Nesbett, co-publishers of the magazine, announced that they would not continue with the publication. Artinfo reported that they hoped someone new would revive the magazine within the next year. Their website claims that “art on paper has temporarily ceased publication,” but everything about their website looks grim: the just-after-sunset blue, the font, and in general the lack of good design.  This is very sad news, but if we look back to the past NY Art Book Fair, which took over PS1 and was larger than it has ever been, we can say without hesitation that there is excitment and interested for the printed page.

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One thought on “Art on Paper Folds

  1. Jess Petrella says:

    I was a little bit late upon hearing the bad news about art on paper. I wrote a post to go with my grieving process of losing such a lovely printed mag.

    I felt it was a bit ironic that the announcement that art on paper will cease publication was on the eve of Apple’s iPad product release.

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