The Independent

Amid all the commercial art fair hoopla of this week is something that actually seems interesting: The Independent. New to the list of art fairs that pop up in the wake of the Armory Show, The Independent promises this: “Part consortium, part collective, INDEPENDENT lies somewhere between a collective exhibition and a reexamination of the art fair model, reflecting the changing attitudes and growing challenges for artists, galleries, curators and collectors.” The Independent is brought to you by Elizabeth Dee and Darren Flook and will be housed in the former DIA building on W 22nd St, the same location of former X-Initiative, which Dee also founded. Not only is The Independent FREE, but it’s also not really an “art fair” per se. Some of artmag’s favorite vendors include Farimani, Dispatch, Lubok, Artbook, and Mousse Magazine.

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One thought on “The Independent

  1. Anne Claire says:

    Amir Mogharabi and Farimani are probably two of my favorite things in the world right now, and I doubt they will ever cease to be.

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