The Subconscious Shelf

A new blog on The New Yorker website dedicates itself to bookshelf analysis: The Subconscious Shelf. Readers send in a photo of their bookshelf and Macy Halford, a copy-editor for the magazine does a full analysis of the shelf – she critiques your books and then conjectures as to what type of a person you are. Halford’s analyses are pretty silly and tend to feel like an astrology reading. For example, a couple in California with a bookshelf organized by color (yuck!) get the following response: “The titles on your shelves—lots of sci-fi, lots of fantasy, lots of religious history and theory—tell me that you’re dreamers and feelers (dare I say seekers?) first.”

But, to be more clear, I like this blog. It’s fun to read and interesting to look at other peoples bookshelves. (I’ll probably send in a photo of mine…)

via Golden Age

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3 thoughts on “The Subconscious Shelf

  1. hijennbrehm says:

    It’s really funny! I want to do it too, but I’m worried about being judged for the dust bunnies rolling around on my shelves. Not from lack of reading, but from lack of dusting.

  2. Jess Petrella says:

    This is very interesting, thanks for reporting! I might have to follow suit and send them a photo of my measly bookshelf.

    I really enjoy your blog throughout. I will be adding it to my blogroll, I feel as though my readers can benefit greatly from what you write about.

  3. rae022 says:

    I sent a photo last night! Robin Cameron’s shelf was recently featured.

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