Family L.A. in NYC

On Thursday afternoon my friend J.W. invited me to the free opening of Family L.A.’s Thirty Days NY. I had never heard of Family and their NYC thirty day pop-up shop had somehow escaped my radar. I had no idea it was going to be such a scene, nor did I know they would be having all these awesome events for the next month. So make sure to check it out! They have a bunch of books for sale, but it’s nothing you can’t get at Printed Matter or Desert Island. The main attraction for me was the crowd of beautiful people, the Joshua Light Show, the music, and the free drinks.

Tonight I’m sure there will be a line down the block for Mirror/Dash (Kim Gordon and Thurstan Moore). I’m going to hold out and try to go to Lee Renaldo + Alan Licht, Tim Barbers Mystery Night, and Shana Moulton with Lucky Dragons.

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One thought on “Family L.A. in NYC

  1. Family is so rad! Such positive vibes and they have a really lovely space in LA

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