Lost and Found: Bern Porter

The exhibition I curated of Bern Porter’s work from the Museum of Modern Art Library collection is now on view at MoMA through July 5th. Porter was a physicist, philosopher, poet, publisher, performer, and artist. He helped invent television and the atomic bomb in addition to making artists books, writing poetry, making collages he called ‘Founds,’ participating in the postal art network, and publishing books by a variety of authors and artists from Henry Miller to Dick Higgins. He was an amazing artist who led a fascinating life and to this day has not been given the recognition he deserves.

In conjunction with the exhibition I’ve organized an event at Esopus Space on April 22nd at 7pm. Mark Melnicove, Dan Domench, Kenneth Goldsmith, and myself will present, perform, read, and interpret the life and work of Bern Porter. Make Melnicove and Dan Domench will be traveling to NYC all the way from Maine for the event – so it’s going to be really special! To attend you must RSVP to info@esopusfoundation.org

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One thought on “Lost and Found: Bern Porter

  1. stephen perkins says:

    hope the reaction to the show has been positive, you’ve got a lot of interesting stuff there!

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