Bomb in the kitchen

Check this out next Tuesday March 22 at The Kitchen in NYC:



BOMBlog Presents: Sound + Vision

Curated by Alexis Georgopoulos and Clinton Krute

“Join BOMB Magazine’s BOMBlog for an evening of music and video art—new, old and in-between. Sound + Vision explores a history of interaction between audio and video artists, between moving image and music. Featuring live collaborations between established and emerging musicians and artists, as well as several rarely screened pieces and excerpts of filmmaker Matt Wolf’s upcoming film on the invention of the teenager, Sound + Vision highlights the cycle of inspiration that exists among artists working in different time-based media.

The evening’s program will feature:

Matt Wolf is the director of Wild Combination, the acclaimed documentary about the queer avant-garde cellist and disco producer Arthur Russell. He is currently working on Teenage, a film about the invention of modern teenagers based on a book by the British punk author Jon Savage. Here, he presents a compilation of footage from the work-in-progress film, compiling images of teenagers dancing between 1900–1945.

Since the early 1960’s, Tony Martin has devoted himself to visual composing in time, using simultaneous projected images in motion, often using liquid projection, hand painted 2”x2” slides programmed for cross-dissolving, 16mm film, and projected “pure” light. His landmark work at the San Francisco Tape Center—Martin was the first to project images for a live performance of Terry Riley’s “In C”—stand as early testament to his love of “painting in time” and to his involvement with music. He has worked intensively with Pauline Oliveros, Morton Subotnick, Ramon Sender, David Tudor, and choreographers such as Anna Halprin, and Merce Cunningham.

As ARP, New York–based composer/artist Alexis Georgopoulos makes liminal, minimal music, most often with analog synthesizers and, increasingly, classical stringed instruments. His recent albums include The Soft Wave (Smalltown Supersound) and FRKWYS III (RVNG), his collaborative album with British composer Anthony Moore. He will perform with a projection of his own film “The Soft Wave,” his collaboration with filmmaker Paul Clipson.

New York–based photographer/filmmaker Olivia Wyatt traveled to Ethiopia in 2009. The document she returned with, Staring At The Sun, was released as a DVD by the Sublime Frequencies label documents 13 different tribes in Ethiopia. Wyatt’s work has screened at the Berlinale (Magnum in Motion pieces) , Milano Film Festival (Staring into the Sun), Picknick Im Kino (Seeking the Spirit and Sound Synesthesia), and True/False (Bangkok). Her work has been published in National Geographic, Capricious, Spin, Slate, Tiny Vices, and Elle.

Nick Relph is a British artist based in New York City. Recent solo exhibitions include Gavin Browns enterprise, Overduin and Kite and Herald Street. He will show new work at Standard (Oslo) in May.

New York City-based filmmaker Sam Fleischner’s Wah Do Dem (2010) garnered awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival, Spokane, and the Reggae Film Festival, among others. He will screen excerpts from his current project, a document of collaboration between underground group Sun Araw and reggae legends The Congos. He will be screening selections from his experimentalcollaborations with Tony Lowe, a musician and filmmaker. After 8 years of making music with bands like skeletons and z’s, Tony moved towards filmmaking when he and Sam collaborated on an experimental documentary, Below The Brain.

Camilla Padgitt-Coles is a Brooklyn-based multimedia artist working with sound and visuals as a combined medium. She is currently working on live projections for an adaptation of The Tempest, slated to debut at The Andy Warhol Museum in 2012. She also plays in the band Future Shuttle, which has an upcoming 12” to be released on Intercoastal Artists, and has performed live visuals as a collaboration with the bands Blondes, Teengirl Fantasy, and The Holy Experiment. As Driphouse, Daren Ho is a musician and graphic designer based in Brooklyn, New York. He is a former member of the Iowa City band Raccoo-oo-oon. He has recorded releases under different guises for Digitalis, Not Not Fun, NNA, and has a release forthcoming on the Root Strata label.

Paul Clipson is a San Francisco–based filmmaker who often collaborates with sound artists and musicians on live performances, films and installations. His work has screened at the Rotterdam Film Festival, the Cinémathèque Française and in the NYFF Views From The Avant Garde program.
Nicky Mao is a Brooklyn–based musician, producing solo work under the title Hiro Kone. She has collaborated numerous times in live settings with ARP, most notably for Doug Aitken’s film Migration.  She is also a multi-instrumentalist, member of the band Up Died Sound and formerly of the group Effi Briest.

Brazilian video artist Rodrigo Trombini Pires, also known as Sid Seed, recently created a video to accompany the music of German musician Harald Grosskopf, whose album Synthesist has just been reissued by NY label RVNG INTL. He will present two short video pieces. “

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