Nature, Food, and Living

Club Donny no.1, 2008

Club Donny is a strictly unedited journal on the personal experience of nature in the urban environment presented by Frank Bruggeman, Ernst van der Hoeven and Ben Laloua/Didier Pascal. The magazine is published twice a year and is full of juicy colorful photographs. There are occasional recipes, ruminations on nature, and the final page of the magazine always features “Donny’s Favorites,” a list of things the editors love – like the book Shelter, The Whizards EP Spinning Flowers, and The Anti-Restaurant Supper Club Movement.

Pete Deevukal for White Zinfandel ‘Searching for Rirkrit’

White Zinfandel is a hip new magazine about food and art. It’s inspired by Gordan Matta Clark’s SoHo restaurant FOOD, and the first issue takes the theme. The second issue, just published, is loosely based around the theme “TV Dinners.” I’m really excited about this magazine and can’t wait to see what’s next!

Here and There is Japanese artist Nakako Hayashi‘s personal project. Photographs, drawings, and essays about farmer’s markets, clothing, plants, and travel fill the pages of the magazine. Here and There is in Japanese and English and is published by Nieves in Switzerland.

Wilder Quarterly is a brand new magazine, just printed at the end of January, so I have yet to get my hands on an issue. According to the website, it is a publication for people enthralled by the natural world. In our pages you’ll find green thumbs, rooftop gardeners, foodies and chefs, seed savers, architects, hobby farmers, horticulturalists, innovators, amateurs, and experts. Just your everyday mix of growing enthusiasts.

Sede is a lovely little publication from Buenos Aires that falls in this vein. I just looked at their website, and unfortunately it is no longer being published, but issues are still available.

Like Here and There, Knit Knit is artist Sabrina Gschwandtner’s personal project, chronicling the intersection of knitting and art. Articles feature radical knitting projects, and quilting, sewing, fabric, clothing, crafts, and more.

Like all of the magazines listed here, Kinfolk is much more than just a printed publication. They host dinner parties around the world, promoting community, and basic meaningful interactions with friends and family.

Apartamento, no.5

In this same vein are three other magazines I have blogged about. I’m always excited when issues of  Apartamento, The Plant Journal, and Condiment, arrive at my door.

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