F.R. David Launch at Artists Space

Forthcoming Journal Launch and Reading
F.R.DAVID, Issue #9
Sunday, March 11, 4pm

F.R.DAVID is published by de Appel, Amsterdam, and is concerned with the position of reading and writing in the arts.

“This is not new, of course,” the ninth issue of F.R.DAVID, finds “poetry” – the word and the product – NOT sacred, IS mutable, and SHOULD be replaced with “politics,” “art,” “baking,” “film” and “cabinet-making” as one possible means to record life.

Edited by Will Holder, with contributions by Stan Brakhage, Adam Chodzko, Cid Corman, Maya Deren, Robert Duncan, Anja Kirschner / David Panos, Hilary Koob Sassen, Jackson Mac Low, Chris Mann, Charles Olson, Marjorie Perloff, C.H. Sisson, H.G. Widdowson and more.

The launch at Artists Space will include a reading by composer, poet and performer Chris Mann. “Chris Mann specializes in the emerging field of compositional linguistics, described by [himself] as ‘the mechanism whereby you understand what I’m thinking better than I do.’” In his word-perfect performances the nature of such co-production is demonstrated and enabled, through the use of con­structivist terms such as “i mean” and “you know.” After seeing repeated performances of a previous work, it becomes clear that these (“i think”) are as determined as the words on the page, which Mann, incidentally waves about and occasionally pretends to refer to.

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