Another Pamphlet Launch at Printed Matter Tonight


Another Pamphlet : Issue Launch & Reception

Thursday May 2 : 6-8PM 

Printed Matter, NYC

Symmetry surrounds us. It’s present in ancient Greek mosaics, medieval churches, the human body, the arrangement of atoms in a crystal, flowers, arguments, and the laws of quantum mechanics. Paradoxically, whereas the 20th century saw the disciplines of mathematics, physics, and philosophy expanding their engagement with symmetry, architecture largely turned away from it. 

After a century of asymmetry, what might symmetry offer us now that we’ve missed along the way? This issue claims symmetry as an urgently relevant topic, precisely because it’s so glaringly not a topic in contemporary discourse.

With contributions by: Leo Henke, Isaiah King, Ajay Manthripragada, Giancarlo Mazzanti, Michael Meredith, Ryan Neiheiser, Sarah Oppenheimer Emmanuel Petit, Galia Solomonoff, Giancarlo Valle and Michael Young 

Above all, another pamphlet is a conversation, a loose exchange of forms and ideas, an excuse to play, a frame through which to look, a shared excitement. It is an open dialogue with our friends, our histories, and our surroundings. 

Meaning both “more of the same” and “something different”, “another” contains the seeds of both continuity and change. Another pamphlet mines this contradiction – this tension between past and future – opportunistically interrogating, critiquing, and celebrating the discipline of architecture.

The game is simple. One pamphlet, multiple voices, infinite directions.

another pamphlet was founded by Giancarlo Valle, Isaiah King, and Ryan Neiheiser

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