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8-Ball Zine Fair this Sunday Dec. 15, NYC

8-Ball Zine fair N°4
Sunday, December 15th
Space Billiard
34 w32nd st / Broadway
2-8 pmmusic by : Know-Wave Radio
videos by : Toilet Paper Magazine
poster artwork : Peter Sutherland

Boo – Hooray
Born To Kill
Dan Murphy
Desert Island
Ed Varie
Hamburger Eyes
Horses Think
Luck You Collective
Miniature Garden
No work
Ny Zero
Pau Wau Publications
Printed Matters
Swill Children
Toilet Paper Magazine

8-Ball Crew.

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Mossless Issue 1 Release Party Tonight

“Printed Matter is pleased to launch Mossless Issue 1, an artist-made publication featuring four young contemporary photographers.Each artist is given a full-color, offset-printed book, with the four collected together in a screenprinted box. Please join us for a launch Thursday, January 19th, 6-8 PM. Printed Matter is located at 195 Tenth Ave, New York, at 22nd Street.

The four photographers in Issue 1 are Alana Celii, Bobby Doherty, Brea Souders and Sean Vegezzi. The work from the artists is diverse, but they share a common influence. As Susan Bright writes in the introductory essay, they are “four very different contemporary photographers who look at America with vivid and probing curiosity. Their looking is… a collective one with the Internet always at their side. This generation of image-makers are ‘alone together’ in a world of connectivity simultaneously tagging, reblogging, crowd sourcing, networking and tumblr-ing their vision.” 

Before this publication, Mossless was known as a blog that interviewed photographers–one every two days–with over 300 interviews posted to date. In that regard, Mossless has attempted to rethink the possibilities of format for contemporary photography and in doing so “represent a relative permanence and authenticity.” This boxset is a similar recontextualizing for Mossless itself. 

The four books are supplemented by a Risographed leaflet with an essay by Susan Bright, two posters, buttons and stickers, all inside a screenprinted box. 

Mossless retails for 43.00 and can be purchased at Printed Matter or online here.”

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